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Stefan Tonio Sampson

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This city i live in makes me take pictures. Even though i've been here my entire life, i appreciate it more as each year goes by - and i most appreciate it with a camera in my hand.
Rarely would I try to put into words what I think it is that causes the artist to put a brush to a canvas; what makes the photographer lift the lens to his eye.I?m not even entirely sure I could put into words why I do it.

It?s not that I want to photograph ? it?s that I?m inwardly forced to.
I do NOT have any pretentious claims to be some great originator of ideas..i am a developer- an actualizer, a bender and a borrower of visual ideas... I have spent my whole life collecting, exploring and enjoying the visual world...
I do not want a viewer to be able to always pick out work I've done - that's how varied i want to be- but i DO always want a viewer to say 'That's a well done image...'.
I believe if ur really good - you are always a beginner, because there is always more to learn and try...
I am exquisitely blessed to live here in New York City - where that moment of beauty can be anything? the sunset caught between canyons of skyscrapers; the bodies and faces of joy, despair, love, and fear ? all potentially beautiful - that you sometimes are privileged to see and share in this city, the bizarre, but somehow reaffirming meld of the natural and the architectural, the natural world, remixed and graffiti-ized by that vandal modernity.