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Garrett Norlin

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We define, redefine and promote our social identities through the dress we choose. By setting my nude subjects within mundane actions, I examine both the true, hidden beauty of the body and the absurdity inherent in self-definition. I expand the domain of the nude beyond the clinical, academic study or contexts seen broadly to suit the state of undress such as bathing, sleeping, reposing and settings of surreality.

Each character is an amalgam sculpted in 3D space from a variety of reference sources including sketches, snapshots and memory. As the figures are based on no particular, live subjects, I let them stand objectively for the figures they represent.

My process of working with digital media draws from my twin experiences in the visual effects industry and in the more traditional mediums of painting, sculpture, print-making and photography. The digital toolkit is simply a toolkit, like any other, that is leaving the self-fascination of its infancy. As such, I explore the medium in a manner that avoids the fetishism and fantasy that are current hallmarks of computer art.