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Deborah L Monlux

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Born and raised in Mulkiteo, Washington, Deborah Monlux would leave her small town roots and travel to Brooklyn with her husband. She aimed to continue her professional dancing career. Deborah enjoyed being in close proximity to the city, but close enough to Prospect Park that it offered her a daily refuge from the hustle and bustle of big city life.
Deborah Monlux always had a passion for music. Through childhood, she began playing classical music, but began to notice her passion for the instrument was fading. She noted, “The push to perfect classical musicianship was just not in my heart, so I closed the case and it stayed closed for 30 years”.
It was in North Carolina that she would be inspired by the music of renowned Cajun fiddler, David Greely. Her interest in Cajun music was immediately ignited. Lessons from Greely were just the spark that she needed. After taking one class with Greely, Deborah was hooked. Eventually venturing back to her Brooklyn home, she would continue lessons and bridge the geographic gap by taking videoconference lessons.
Videoconferences allowed Deborah to learn fiddle playing straight from the source--- Lafayette, Louisiana. It is through the videoconference lessons she honed her focus and listening skills when it came to Cajun music.
After becoming an accomplished fiddle player, Deborah Monlux wanted to share the uniqueness of Cajun music with others. When she met Jesse Lege, a world-renowned accordion player, at a gathering, the wheels in her head began to turn. The gathering was held at the home of Evelyn Schneider. She was enamored by the comradery and festiveness she felt when she watched friends, neighbors, and family gather at the Schneider home and spend the night playing music and dancing. She wanted to bring the same concept of music and community back home to Brooklyn. In 2011, Deborah Monlux founded Bayou ‘n Brooklyn.
Since the festival’s inception in 2011, Deborah has brought countless Louisiana based musical artists to Brooklyn, such as Grammy Award winners, Joel Savoy, Wilson Savoy, and Jesse Lége. Other performers have included Christine Balfa, Ed Poullard, Megan Brown, Forest Huval, Al Berard, Cedric Watson, and Kelli-Jones Savoy.
She continues to spread her love and knowledge of Cajun music. Deborah travels to Louisiana to participate in festivals and workshops, indulging in Louisiana food, music, and culture. She brings it back to Brooklyn and introduces others to Creole, Cajun, and Zydeco music, executing countless jam sessions and performances. She manages and plays in the Catahoula Cajun Band, New York’s own Cajun dance band.


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