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Ines TH Sun

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  2. Address : 61 greenpoint ave #305, Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA

Ines Sun/Bio
In 1997, Ines Sun began her training at the Art Students League of New York under the guidance of Frank O?Cain, an artist from the New York School of Abstract Painting. Over the next 10 years, she found two careers in New York?painting and operating the Wild Lily Tea Room, a space still fondly recalled by many former patrons as a most tranquil respite from the vibrant daily landscape. Little did she realize a decade later how this would play into her practice: art as tea; tea as art.

Her brushstrokes began to yearn for the bucolic gestures of the land of her family ? born and raised in Taiwan, her grandparents came from the mainland ? and in 2007, with a young family in tow, Sun moved to Hangzhou to study Chinese Brush Painting at the China Academy of Art. Afterward she lived in Beijing painting in a dusty studio for two years. Her artistic style was, and still is, a mixture of East and West, a style born out of living in both cultures; she transforms her training in abstract painting into her own unique language.

The director of Macau Art Museum, Ung Vai Meng, where her work featured in ?Beyond the Surface? in 2008 says, ?Sun?s work has achieved the ultimate in Chinese traditional brush paintings, in which the Chi (energy) and Yun (rhythm) flow vividly and constantly through the surface of the painting.? She has tried to bring the Bhuddist ideas in her painting into other realms since, including the Mobile Tea Garden developed in 2010.

Her first public installation collage? ?Wadestown Happiness? ? was completed with the help of a grant from Creative New Zealand and Wellington City Council. She is still represented by Mark Hutchings Gallery in Wellington.

Today, Sun lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.