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Lilka Hara

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My work is focused on creating stories and characters. I'm a multi-media artist, and my work is a result of combined supports and techniques, digital video, animation, photography, installation, sculpture and drawings.

These stories are often drawn from real people and real events.
Documentary filmmaking is a very strong component of my work, as I am drawn to people's stories.

I have been investigating and producing more claymation based projects in the past three years and I am incorporating more computer generated elements on the images I create.

My character design facial expressions try to capture the antagonist representations of nice, innocent and angry, hyperactive. When you find yourself a perpetual war and company slave, these molded faces are an integral part of our lives and iconography and they inhabit the the digital and internet environment.

Sexual tension and competition are recurring themes on these plays.

I play with objects that were created to capture moments of our lives, electronic devices designed to promote human interaction or to encapsulate our lost childhood, in these works I question what our selective memory chooses to remember.