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Fletcher L Williams III

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Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina Fletcher Williams (1987) has
witnessed the divide of Black Southerners and White Northerners deeply rooted in
their own experiences. These seemingly polar opposites are his family, a
combination that has thrust Fletcher?s ideas of community and identity into
constant inquiry. What is Identity? How is it constructed? How is it projected and
how is it perceived?

Since completing his studies at The Cooper Union (2007) Fletcher?s once classical
painting practice has crossed multiple mediums including printmaking, sculpture,
installation, and mixed media.

Although Fletcher currently works in Brooklyn, New York his practice continues
to be influenced by the tenacity and opulence of Southern Rap culture as well as
religious iconography. His fascination with objects such as the Rosary and Crucifix
and his familiarity with individuals who adorn themselves with flashy gold grills,
decadent hair, tawdry fashion, and an aggressive Geechee accent have become his
framework for investigating contemporary notions of identity. The results of this
exploration are unsettling and provocative.