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Anthony Michael Jensen

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Anthony Jensen is a self-taught independent artist from Brooklyn, New York with a penchant for turning everyday subjects and materials into extraordinary pieces. A lifelong observer and creator of all things pop culture, he fell in love with visual mediums at a young age and had been creating since a very young age.

Today, he accepts numerous commissions and assignments for a variety of projects. His current work includes oil paintings, acrylics, and even compositions design from everyday materials. From pieces inspired by pop culture to personalized portraits, his passion lies in discovering the color, tone, and depth that are so often missed in everyday life.

Clients turn to Anthony because they need an artist who can work from a unique point of view while working with a professional who can make them feel at ease. His belief is that the experience of creating art is as valuable as the finished product, which means being accessible and easy to deal with.

Away from the studio, Anthony loves rock music, and has played the drums in several bands. In unrepentant night owl, he loves to read comic books, science fiction, and rock biographies.


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