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Debra P Hershkowitz

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I'm a photo researcher, photo editor, by trade. I have done this work for over 30 years, purchasing and selling photographs mainly for the textbook market, and for the American Museum of Natural History's Exhibitions Department.

I was given my first camera, and a stack of photo magazines by my uncle when I was still a child. I've been shooting ever since. I?m self-taught, self-propelled... visually devouring my environment. A street and event shooter.

Unless I?m documenting a particular event, what catches my eye is rarely the subject matter. It?s the light, the shapes, the hidden element. Details & patterns & relationships. And it's spontaneous. It?s there. I?m looking. In a way, the photos take themselves, because whether I have a camera in hand or not, I?m constantly framing the world I see.