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Linda Zacks

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Linda Zacks has a passionate love affair with words and letters. Her signature is the way she uses type in her art ? clever verbiage drawn from her trusty stack of sketchbooks. She uses words like artillery, firing back Life as it whizzes past your nose.

Linda?s work- part poetry, part paint reflects the adoration, anxiety, filth, fear, and visceral energy of just being alive and aware, and that makes its way into each picture. Tension. Calamity. The urban obstinance that turns a jackhammer into a musical instrument. That?s what it?s like. If it?s not cathartic, it?s not in her artistic vocabulary.

Her creations capture the essence of a restless mind? clever commentary about the world we live in: the wonders of being female, America the strange, Love & Hate and the twisting of traditional concepts, such as beauty and war. Every moment has the potential to be captured in a painting or a unique handmade book.

Nothing is out of the question: old wood, torn paper, rusty metal, ink, duct tape or a scribbled-over Polaroid. And the textures?gloppy skid marks, bumpy nodules and crusty scabs smother the surface.

Linda spent much of her life moving around ? including living overseas in England as a young child and attending high school in Holland. Before moving to New York City in 1995, Linda graduated from Brown University studying semiotics and creative writing and spent her junior year across the street at The Rhode Island School of Design. This unique blend of studies led her to a career as an accomplished designer and fine artist.

Linda Zacks lives and works in Brooklyn