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Robin Vaughn

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I'm a multi-disciplinary artist just because I can. I'm the type of artist that plans. I sketch, research and revise, make lists and calculations, all in the name of a kind of structured creativity that results in a cohesive product. At the very least it has to make sense to me. It can be very detailed at times. I sometimes wish I was the kind of artist whose work spontaneously appears but, I do like my work and the end result. My personal art form is collage with various types of paper; portrait and architectural, mostly. That said, anytime I am afforded a glimpse into the process of another artist, I'm interested.
Also, as a teaching artist and curriculum developer the above mentioned qualities apply; with attention to detail and time management skills applied in order to fulfill a quality program. All the residencies that I conduct involve a multi-disciplinary approach. An example of one of my programs might start with storytelling based on a folktale then, using it as a springboard for other arts activities and projects that could include any combination of song and creative movement, masks or puppets, and book arts.
I'm interested in opportunities to collaborate on a great project with an artist whose style complements my own or for simple brainstorming. I encourage anyone with similar interests to contact me. Cheers! Robin