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Teresa Nicole Pigford

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Birthed by the mean streets of Brooklyn, Teresa never acquiesced to the "hard life" though heavily influenced by it. Her natural affinity for the arts guided her through her childhood and into the lap of the prestigious "Fame" school LaGuardia H.S to study visual arts and voice. She now attends City college of New york and is a candidate for a BS in Psychology and a BFA in Classical Voice. " I never thought i was talented," she replied after being asked about her art. "I've been singing and drawing all my life so I figured that was the norm. I still don't think highly of myself. All I know is that i love expression. It is a concept that baffles many, so in an attempt to reach everyone, i have learned many ways to express myself. I like to call myself a 'Jill of all trades,' one day i hope to master these skills to better benefit myself and all those around me. I just hope the world is ready for me."
I come from a long line of empowered black women. Though i am not a hardcore female activist, i do wish to empower as many women as i can. One of the issues i have battled all my life is confidence. I have struggled with my insecurities so much to the point that the battle is what drives me. I have therefore learned to take pride in the things guaranteed to me like my freedom of speech and human rights. It is because of these thins that i fight one for every scared child unsure of who they will become, for every person still waiting to make it, for every mid-life crisis, and for every elder looking back on their lives and lament. My path is paved by their struggles and i feel it necessary to pay homage and respect where it is due.