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Kimberly Enjoli

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Kimberly Enjoli is the Artistic Director of Sugar Water Art Dept., a Brooklyn-based collective of artivists, writers, and performers.The group's first project together was the inaugural production of Audible Silence, an improv show for art geeks conceived and directed by Kimberly Enjoli. The first installment wax performed (silently!) by aimee iris brown, Constance Cooper, Rich Templeton, and Krystal B. Woods, with title cards designed by Lara Antal and an original score by Xander Duell.

In 2016, she and other NYC artists and activists started Groundwork Zine, a publication that serves as a love note from grassroots organizers to the communities they serve. The group's zines and other screen-printed projects are both protest art and an example of the group's eagerness to rally audiences and include them in the Department, rather than having information and ideas flow in only one direction. Each issue of Groundwork sets aside at least a page for the reader to share their own ideas about liberation and encourages them to pass that copy-- with their notes-- along to a new reader.

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