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Brandon Ballengee

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Since 1996, my transdisciplinary practice has bridged primary scientific studies with ecological art and engaged environmental stewardship. Underlying my practice is a systemic methodology, which posits art practice as a means of realizing research science, and vice-versa. Inherent to this working method is an impetus for “ecosystem activism” implemented through participatory biology field investigations and laboratory programs that stress public involvement – my attempt at social sculpting. My artworks come from direct experiences with amphibians, birds, fish and insect species found in today’s preternatural ecosystems and those observed in post-natural laboratory settings. The art itself is made from diverse mediums including biological materials (chemically cleared and stained deformed specimens displayed as glowing gems, preserved specimens to represent collapsing global food webs, living plants and animals displaced in temporary mesocosums, paintings from my own blood mixed with industrial pollutants found in my own body and the living bodies of all organisms), large-scale scanner photographs representing the individuality of non-human individuals, outdoor light sculptures to encourage insect breeding and participatory trans-species happenings- all of these try to re-examine the context of the art object from a static form (implying rationality and control) into a more organic structure reflecting the inherent chaos found within evolutionary processes, biological systems and nature herself.