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Rose Tang

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I am a painter and writer. I do abstract and figurative painting and drawing. I am also working on a few books including a memoir, a biography, a children's book, a travel book and a cook book.

In visual art, I aim to incorporate my training in European and modern American art, particularly surrealism and abstract expressionism, with my background in Asian cultures, particularly Tibetan thangkas and ancient southern Chinese sculpture.

I also specialize in travel photography of Asia, including landscapes, portraits and street photography that illustrate everyday life in Asia.

As for writing, I stay away from journalistic style of writing after working as a journalist for 15 years. For the memoir I've been working on for the last ten years, I aim to portray a mental picture of China, instead of painting the surface of the country. For other books, I aim to take a humorous approach to small subjects in a light-hearted way.