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Chris Smith

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Chris Smith aka “subtexture” is a Brooklyn based artist and designer. He’s not a street artist, but he uses things he’s found on the street, such as road signs, rusted metal, and old wood as ingredients in his art. he takes photos of lost gloves and of the shadows cast by street signs and uses them as a starting point.

He graduated from Pratt Institute in the late 80’s and for the past 20 years he has lived in Greenpoint, where he has shown extensively in dive bars, independent galleries and other alternative spaces. He’s also been known to organize events such as slotcar racing and live portrait painting parties.

He utilizes a wide range of media in his work, including silkscreen, letterpress, collage and xerox transfers. He’s heavily influenced by pop-artists such as Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol. and Robert Rauschenberg, and is inspired by cross-country road trips, roadside Americana, vintage car culture and pin-ups.