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Michel M Bellici

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Michel’s first inspiration was the work of her grandfather, Joseph Rinaldi. A young Michel would peek at his sketches, his notes, and his copy of Grays Anatomy, which she used to teach herself how to draw. This began her love of the human form. Her second biggest influence is Henri Cartier-Bresson for his definition in photography of the decisive moment.
Michel received classical training as a photographer and a painter at both The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and the Lorenzo de Medici School of Art in Florence, Italy.
“When I’m painting and all of a sudden it starts to feel like I’m breaking through something, it hurts, I get irritated;” says Bellici. “I think it has no where to go, and I feel lost, I end up hosing it down, adding paint, removing paint, sanding it down, rubbing the paintings down to see what’s really there. It is a breaking of something inside to lest out the real whatever the hell is happening"
It’s a great metaphor for the emotional rawness that Bellici brings to her work in both painting and her photography.
She continues; “Sometimes my skin feels like it’s on fire and my head is spinning. I feel like I’m crazy. When I hit it, I don’t even need to question it. I get into a temper tantrum of happy, and usually do a spastic angry happy dance, I can't live without that"

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