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Kenny Altidor

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Mr. Kenny Altidor was born in Haiti and came to New York at the age 16. Kenny is a careerist young painter who resides in Brooklyn NY. This professional painter and portraitist has vowed to become an effective and powerful artist whose work will impact the lives of many people. Kenny integrates his love of art not only to express his concerns for various issues in the four corners of Brooklyn, but also to recreate valuable memories for people of all ages. Kenny's mentor Serge Touissaint, a resident of Miami, is known as the Haitian king muralist the chairman Of the Ak Art company click on this link for more info: click On Serge Touissaint profile for info.
Mr. Altidor?s work depicts a variety of sentiments and a great deal of emotions those of which convey love, sadness, life and death. He recreates the emotions to either share his constant feelings with his audience, or honor the accomplishment of legends, heroes and influential community leaders.Kenny has painted politicians, sports legends and educational leaders; amongst them Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Michael Jordan, the Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide and former chancellor Rudy Crew. Amongst his subjects are also deceased public figures such as the young princess, singer Aliyah, and the late great Jackie Robinson. Kenny?s work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions where he received praise in all city public school lever house art and school of art League exhibitions. Mr. Altidor was the recipient of the ?Art League Chancellors Roll of Honor. Kenny takes pride in his various works. Kenny currently lives in Brooklyn with his lovely wife Mildred Altidor and works at Bloomberg LP in Global Technical Support, which is Mayor Bloomberg?s company. His objective is to study more to become a internationally known artist. He would like to be remembered amongst the great artists Picasso, Monet and Gorgan.