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Gavin William Sewell

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I make intricate, thoughtful mixed-media artworks emphasizing narrative and sensuality. Novelistic storytelling and intuitive abstract painting fuse in wall-sculptures layered with photographs, paint, and found objects applied in diverse ways. From patterns observed in a few select components at the beginning of my process, I interweave layer on layer, adding elements strategically or intuitively to reach a dynamic confrontation of intellect and mood.

While my development has been steadily nourished by great mixed-media artists of the past, including Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg and the Kienholzes, I’m also inspired by contemporaries like Fred Tomaselli, Julian Schnabel and Aurel Schmidt. Due to a lifelong visual impairment, I have access to the Library of Congress audio collection; the books I listen to while painting also leave their trace on my work.

I see my pieces as the post-modern equivalents of religious icons, memory gardens or totem poles; objects in which a viewer’s gaze finds and explores systems of interpretation and meaning in a shared situation with the artwork. My practice seizes the anonymous debris of contemporary life - advertisements, litter, media images - and appropriates them into matrices of subjective symbolism. I strive to push the narrative element as far as it can go in materiality and, beyond merely illustrating, signify stories infused with broad, universal themes and questions.

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Reflecting the Hudson

40 x 60 x 3 inches mixed-media and found objects on panel 2012

Posted:7 years ago