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Lilly Burgos

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Lilly Burgos was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1971. She attended New York City College of Technology where she studied Architecture and developed an appreciation for Interior Design. However, from early childhood, she was extremely creative and produced artwork.
In 2008, after working for more than two decades in management in corporate America, an aneurysm caused by a small brain tumor that she didn't know she had ended her career. During the following months of recuperation she went back to her first love – art. It was where she had always found solace as a child and where she took solace once again. As her health progressed, friends and acquaintances who knew that she had studied Architecture and had an eye for interior design asked her to consult on their redesign projects. While working on these projects there were times when she couldn't find the right artwork to satisfy their aesthetic needs. Like any good artist she did what she does best – she created it. As word of her art spread, more commissions came her way and she started to delve into the world of a working artist. Since 2010, she has been creating commissioned art work for her own roster of private clients. The art she creates is mostly Mixed Media and Assemblage.
Lilly's unique art style comes from her finding inspiration in everyday objects and materials. Her use of vibrant colors and whimsical yet nostalgic themes are often cited as the reasons that her art is popular. Her art is created with this overarching theme: each piece should look different from every angle. She hopes that her pieces will stand out and make the person viewing them stop, look and wonder. What is it made of? What was she thinking? How did she do that? If she gets you to ask then she's accomplished what she set out to do – pique your curiosity and help you find the wonder you had as a child.
In the past year, Lilly's work has been included in several group shows and one of her pieces is being published in a new coffee table book titled, “Art Takes Times Square”, due out this summer. Lilly is also a freelance Makeup Artist and has been donating her services to various charitable organizations.


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