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Salim Fields

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Salim Fields was born on May 5, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York and grew up the only child of Janice Fields. His mother was an artist at heart who, due to her responsibilities as a single parent, never fulfilled her dreams in the art world. Salim’s interest in art began in public school when he discovered his mother’s art portfolio and tried to emulate her work. He also loved the 1974 show Good Times, where he became a big fan of Ernie Barnes, who was the artist behind the character JJ Evans.

Growing up, Salim enjoyed drawing and painting, but did not officially attend any art classes or schools. He entered Pratt Institute as a film major, with a minor in photography. During his senior year in Pratt, Salim fell in love with abstract art. In 2007, Salim graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute.

Salim finds his work can be a valuable healing tool, both calming and inspiring. It sparks creativity, helping the observer explore another side of life through vibrant earth tones and organic movement.