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Quyen Truong

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My birthday coincides with that of revolutionaries Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh. As a Vietnamese-American woman, I honor the responsibility of following their footsteps.

I am an ardent, earnest feminist; a discerning educator who learns from our scarred, wise learners; an indulgent intellectual; a daily activist, and an artist.

The eternal, endless dimensions of painting never cease to fascinate me. Using this medium, I delicately touch, drip, drag, splatter, and spray felicitous hues and pigments across flat surfaces to suggest the turbulent, tumultuous movement roiling in our lives. Engaging the prism of painterly traditions, I refine / redefine my personal history to reflect and learn.

As an immigrant, I find that art transcends language as a means of communication. Visual imagery can invoke questions, inculcate discussions, and thus expand our conception of social, economic and cultural realities.

While the Vietnamese culture roots me, I aim to understand what compels the waves of immigrants in America, my adopted home. Via art, my identity as a Vietnamese American woman flourishes. The visual medium enables me to find like-minded individuals. I share my experiences to encourage cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary dialogues.


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