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Chevez Sanchez

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Chevez Sanchez was born in 1972 in Brooklyn. He is a self-taught artist who
began drawing at an early age. Heavily influenced by comics and graffitti,his
principal influences are Jack Kirby, Bruce Timm, Walt Simonson in the realm
of comics and animation. Dondi and Lee and Futura 2000 were also strong
influences from the world of graffitti.
Chevez’s dynamic style can best be described as urban realism laced with
elements of the fantastic.
His credits include publications in STRESS magazine as a contributing artist,
Illustration and artwork for various album covers distributed by R.M.M.
records. Chevez has designed several logos for a variety of T-shirt compan-
ies such as Hot Ink Labs , and Cabeza and DKV. He has also developed
produced and distributed several independent T-shirt designs all his own.
Currently Chevez is developing art for an upcoming graphic novel that
features the writing talents of Timothy McGlohglin author of “The Heart of
the Old Country”.