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Miguel Jadraque

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Miguel Jadraque was born in Palencia, Spain, in 1961.
He was enrolled in the Palencia School of Fine arts from 1972-1980. In 1981, Miguel received a scholarship to study “Escuela Livre del Mediterraneo” in Barcelona, 1981-1986. During that time, traveled in both Europe, Mexico and the United States painting portraits on commission.

In 1986, He moved to Los Angeles where he began painting a series of café scenes that His series are broad but always revolve around the quotidian: spoons, pots and pans, clothing lines, traffic signals, birds, cafes, cactus, people. Etc.

His medium of choice is oil on canvas yet he is fluent in acrylics, charcoal, watercolor, Chinese ink and sculpture.

Among those artists that have most influenced his current work are Velazquez, J. Singer Sargent, Cezanne, Modigliani, Picasso, Giacometti, Henry Moore, Mondrian, Ellsworth Kelly, Miro, etc…

In 2006, Miguel Jadraque moved to New York where he currently lives and works.