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"If design is merely an inducement to consume, then we must reject design; if architecture is merely the codifying of bourgeois model of ownership and society, then we must reject architecture; if architecture and town planning is merely the formalization of present unjust social divisions, then we must reject town planning and its cities…until all design activities are aimed towards meeting primary needs. Until then, design must disappear. We can live without architecture…” Adolfo Natalini, 1971

The Future Living Projects is a Brooklyn based collective which was developed as a way of directly addressing the growing concerns of living in an uncertain and unpredictable future. The two possibilities which the Future Living Projects entertain include both a post-apocalyptic, desert laden wasteland and an overcrowded and overpopulated vast metropolis. Both possibilities explore the general problems of space and the continuing struggle for environmental domination. In the future the struggle for space will be the struggle for survival.