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Karine Nguyen

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Karine Nguyen is a well-known lyricist from Belgium. In 1999, the Belgian government recognized her talent and promoted her art in Canada. She ended up moving to Montreal in 2003 and developed her skills in the entertainment field as a writer. That same year, she collaborated with S. Michel and S. Nault on her first song for Gabrielle Destroismaisons titled: La vie qui danse. This also became the album title and sold over 40,000 cds. Her career became established.
Since 1999, she has worked with various famous composers throughout the world such as C. Senecal (Marie-Chantal Toupin) S. Michel (Garou, Isabelle Boulay, Serge Lama) Danny Boudreau (Wilfred Lebouthillier), Laurent Gilly (Chimène Badi, Bernard Lavilliers), M-C Petit (Linda Lemay) and many more.

Moving to New York allowed Karine to gain inspiration by witnessing multiple ranges of talent such as Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross and other legends. From 2006 - 2007, Christian Sbrocca a Folk-Rock canadian singer and François Aubert teamed up with Karine to utilize her lyrical creations. During that time, she also wrote with S. Nault for Jordane, a Canadian pop-rock star. In 2008, she created a song called À Distance with C. Senecal for the very famous Canadian pop-rock singer, Marie Chantal Toupin. In 3 months, its sales reached 25,000 copies. Given the fact that À Distance is also the album title, it is no wonder why the sales skyrocketed. This achievement spread the word even further to record companies like Orange Music records. They approached her to write for 9 year-old Jacob Guay.

All of the composers that Karine has had the fortunate opportunity to work with, are well known in the music industry and have already written for famous singers in the French-speaking communities. Recently, she has shared her skills with one of Celine Dion's composers, Y. Frulla. Tutoring and coaching valuable writing techniques to aspiring writers in the music industry is how she has used her experience to benefit others. Lyrics written by Karine Nguyen means classic, sultry, emotional, professional, and a hit.