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Unicycle Bridge Tour

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The Unicycle Bridge Tour is a collaboration between a sculptor and a clown. It combines bridge spans and unicycles. There are 2078 bridges in New York City. Since 2009, Robert Hickman and Keith Nelson have been making weekly treks to cross every one of them on one wheel. The tour brings smiles to thousands of pedestrians and passing motorists, while promoting safe cycling. It's rolling mission links performance, sculpture, architecture, history, athleticism, and a celebration of life and community.

The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail Unicycle Tour was a project in conjunction with Sculpture Key West to commemorate the centennial of the Overseas Railway and the creation of the Overseas Heritage Trail. Robert Hickman and Keith Nelson pedaled from Key Largo to Key West, traveling over 120 miles and crossed 56 bridges in 6 days.

Every Labor Day weekend, the Unicycle Bridge Tour organizes Brooklyn Unicycle Day (as officially proclaimed by Borough President Marty Markowitz). Last year over 50 riders pedaled from City Hall to Coney Island - over 13 miles on one wheel.