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Aaron Beebe

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Aaron Beebe is a Brooklyn based artist and curator. Moving between installation-based practice and works on canvas and paper, his work explores institutional cultures of display, colonial power, memory, nostalgia and sentiment through a focus on historic documents and the aesthetics of archival material. The former director of the Coney Island Museum, Beebe’s artwork reflects his career in archives, restoration studios and museums, with his use of text, his carefully crafted frames, and the often surprising windows and vitrines embedded into the surfaces of his paintings. Much of his work uses typographic and cartographic elements and framing and binding techniques that play with the conventions and boundaries of the painting, the artists' book, and the curatorial label.

In his studio practice as well as his work creating archives and museums as art, he uses text and image to create stories in an indirect and evasive fashion that evokes rather than explains – engaging a method of scholarship that obscures as much as it defines and celebrates curiosity more than it embraces certainty.

He lives and works in Brooklyn, and he travels regularly to Mumbai, India with his wife and partner, an anthropologist of media.