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WILD TORUS engages its disciples through a simulation of cult experiences that challenge contemporary icons and rituals. The collaboration is the eccentric brainchild of female and male counterparts, Amy Mathis and Mike Berlant, and their collaborating posse. Embracing collective form, WT works in stride with the contemporary, societal descent into an apocalyptic abyss of digital and object-based artifice. The performances commemorate seemingly invisible cataclysms in time that occur between ancient spiritual indicators, in combination with the occurrence of contemporary natural and societal disasters. The performed actions imitate various communal and global social patterns of today, born out of the constant collisioning of sensory and interactive boundaries that emerge from contemporary social media networks, mass media outputs, and person-to-person colloquial exchange.


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Not Your Typical Internship

WILD TORUS is a collaborative platform of Brooklyn-based artists, led by M†ke Vladi VØ...

Posted:5 years ago