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Holly Cordero

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There is more to music than we hear everyday. There are chords that sound dissonant, but sound right. There are notes and melodies, disjunct, but conjunct in the mind. There is still experiences to be shared and music to explore. There are sounds that haven't been heard. I write to explore. I write to experience. I don't write music. I write sound. I entertain new ideas and decide which ones fit together best. I am my own person with my own ideas. I want to share them with the world. I want people to know what music can mean. How music can make you feel. Where music can take you.

My new music stretches further into this journey of life. Life isn't about resolution or completion. Life isn't always pretty. Life is unexpected. That's what Truculently Audacious is telling you. It is presenting you with the random events that make up life. This album is going to be a conglomerate of NY musicians, and even some OH musicians, creating compositions to display our raw emotions. We're pushing the boundaries of music and of the listener. We want to take you on the journey...


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