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Meryl Salzinger

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I am a fine art photographer, born and raised in New York City. My vision was first cultivated in my attempt to record the quiet beauty I saw in the play of shadow and light on artificially lit sidewalks at night, and in puddles creating distortions of the city in their reflecting pools.

Today my photographs are grounded abstractions of landscapes, which distill the mood and meaning of a scene. Through distortion techniques in initial exposure and printing, such as softened focus, the use of “toy” and plastic cameras, solarizing, and experimentation with the physical surface of the photo I invite the viewer to focus on form, shape and texture over specific content. For me, the initial exposure may be a record of a decisive moment but it functions as raw material, much in the way that a selected piece of wood might for a carver.

My work has been shown in a number of galleries and a museum in New York City and the surrounding area, and has been reviewed in the New York Times.