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Brian Henry

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"Dance is a way of life, from the most intense Dancer to those just trying to have fun and the work you put into your craft will show through your craft." In the words of Brian "HallowDreamz" Henry. With every artistic creation, comes the inception of expression. Through dedication and the freedom of creativity, Brian Henry seeks to give back to the dance world as much as possible while showing that you can do what you love and live off it. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York City, Brian has been inspired by the urban dance scene , beginning with hip hop and Krump he picked up on his own later to be honed by being involved in the dance movement for so long. Being discouraged for being one of the first in NY to truly grasp to the style of dance known as Krump, it wasn't easy training or being involved with dancers who didn't respect Krump as a dance form yet. In 2011 Brian made a big impact during his audition for So You Think You Could Dance which than brought a lot of attention to the dancer. Not long after his luck changed as he begun to be recognized in the dance world aside from already making s name for himself in the Krump game. An ex member of the Creator of Krumps group Street Kingdom known for their appearance on America's Best Dance Crew. From then till now its only been up, more determination and hard work.

These days Brian teaches workshops, dives directly into his work pushing himself to have to life he seeks doing what he loves and sharing it with the world. Giving his time back to the youth Brian spends time teaching dance at Taylor White after school arts program as well as hosting and judging Krump and all styles events. In the words of Brian Henry "Discouragement is the greatest encouragement if you make it so."

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Want to Learn Krump

I teach personals from 30-40 an hour and am working on organizing a full class for adults if anyone ...

Posted:6 years ago