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Melissa Godoy Nieto

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I am a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City, born and raised in Mexico.

Drawing and painting are my primary practices, and also my dominant instruments to have a hands-on process in other art forms like installation, performance, and video. These different disciplines allow me to address various subjects and interests that either inspire me and/or concern me.

I have shaped my art practice as a way to assimilate and spontaneously unleash what I absorb from my environments. This has helped me understand myself, my unconscious, and my identity as a woman and as an immigrant.

As part of my process, I put myself in new environments and collaborations (with other artists and musicians) since I realize it stimulates my creative impulses and it helps me discover new ways to expand my work.

Artist Residencies are an active part of my development. I was the guest Artist-in-Residence at Waaw Residency in Senegal, where I joined a group of drummers in Guet Ndar to learn about Sabar the traditional drumming and dancing of Wolof people. Isolated in a house in Fire Island, I created drawings based on the patterns and direction of Monarch butterflies as they passed by the National Park during her Artist Residency. While in Espronceda Center for Art & Culture in Barcelona, I drew the dreams she was having overnight everyday during a 5 week-long residency. At my Artist in Residency in Colombia, I lived in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and lead two mural workshops with students, painting a room and a facade of their recently flooded and rebuilt elementary school.

Melissa’s work has been exhibited and performed in galleries and art shows such as Spring/Break Art Show NYC, BAM Art Auction, Salon ACME Mexico City, BRIC House NYC, Knockdown Center NYC, Pictoplasma Berlin Germany, The NARS Foundation NYC, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art Monterrey Mexico, Espronceda Center for Art and Culture Barcelona, and Musée Régional d'art Contemporain Sérignan, France.

She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, NY