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Véronique Gambier

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Born in the south of France, Véronique Gambier started to paint on large scale canvases at the age of 12 under the guidance of French Master Pierre Pallut, developing a strong sense of color and abstraction.
She attended L’école des Beaux Arts de Toulon (College of Fine Art of Toulon) and L’école des Beaux Art de Luminy (Luminy College of Fine Art) in Marseille.

Always drawn towards texture as well as color, Gambier chose to pursue a career in Fashion which lead her to Paris, London and then New York.
After working in Fashion, then as a Graphic Designer, Gambier is now committed on a full time basis to her Artwork and has exhibited in the New York area.

Gambier’s creative process is inspired by the contradistinctive values of the medium she is using. She employs a whole-body approach to apply her saturated colors. She moves over and around the square format painting while working with highly diluted acrylic. She strive to create a sense of detachment from her subject, which ultimately leads to a “repossession” through the deconstructing and reconstructing of a painting. She may achieve by cutting and reassembling, for example, or by using four separate paintings to create a single work.

Gambier seeks to express tension rather than harmony, movement rather than stillness. “For me, balancing light and dark is the pure essence of imagery”.