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Raymond Pirtle

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I began creating art at the age of 4 playing the violin {though I prefered Nintendo}. I later left my highschool jazz ensemble to fully pursue my lust for DJing and electronic composition. In 1999, I wrote the worlds first book on DJ notation called "The Fundamentals" followed by the "Turntablist Transcription Methodology 1.0"; a unique calculus based notation system for electronic/dj music that has appeared in music courses around the world as well as the likes of Time, CNN and Blackbook magazine. While studying at New York University, I was awarded the Dj Q-bert Legendary scholarship for my pioneering work. I've taught a number of music courses and performed at a myriad of events from the legendary Montreaux Jazz Festival to the art nexus Deitch Projects. I've collaborated with artists such as Tv on the Radio, Lil B the BasedGod, Mos Def, Fat Lip, Antipop Consortium and Angelbert Metoyer. I'm a prolific multimedia composer having directed over 80 music videos for artists such as MTV/VH1 diva Imani Coppala and Ed banger IDM icon Krazy Baldhead. My musical and visual art performances have defied genre and moved generations of audiences.