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David Mark Erickson

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Photography is the tool with which I use to explore the world. My camera is a key that opens doors and grants me access to places and events where I would not normally have access. When I'm wearing my camera, or identifying myself as a journalist, my identity is given by that context and my personality slips to the background. People relate to me not as an ordinary person, but as a functionary operating on behalf of society at large.

In my photography, I aim to inspire and create connection between people and place. Thus, the photos I take become agents of connection and expression in the world. While I am photographing, I make no distinction between the ‘small’ moments of personal, human experience and the ‘great’ moments of world events. They are both equally meaningful in my search to explore and record a world of truth.

I wish to communicate compassionately through my images and, in this quest, I have been fortunate to travel to many countries. In these countries I have documented people in their natural and social world, paying attention to their traditions and daily lives. I strive to create clever, inventive and technically excellent photographs that record a narrative with simplicity that is of inherent value.


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