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mk+H: Melissa Kit Chow Helena Slosar

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mk+H is a collaboration between artist Melissa Kit Chow and designer Helena Slosar. Working at the intersection of installation art, architecture, and product design, mk+H has built its artistic practice around a desire to interrupt habitual patterns of movement and experience in order to reveal moments of unexpected beauty in everyday phenomena.

Their projects seek to re-engage the public with the built environment through alternative modes of seeing, hearing, and experiencing. By collaborating with professionals in a variety of fields, ranging from computer scientists to acoustical engineers, mk+H utilizes technology as a way to promote interaction and participation. First and foremost, they specialize in crafting unique spatial experiences that enliven spaces and encourage new physical and social relationships to arise within the greater public sphere.

In the last two years, mk+H's projects have included acoustical and light art installations as well as participatory interventions. mk+H is currently pursuing public arts grants and proposal submissions while also actively working on art and design projects for private clients.