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Emma Mariana Stein

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Emma Stein received her BFA in 2011 from Alfred University and her MFA in 2013 from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She has exhibited her work nationally at numerous venues including The National Liberty Museum, the RISD Museum, and The Everhart Museum. She received a scholarship to study hot glass sculpting at Pilchuck with Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jason Johnsen, and has employed these sculptural techniques both in her own work as well as in her position as assistant to glass artist Beth Lipman. Her work is an exploration of natural systems through various man-made and natural materials, working principally in glass while also using fabric, video, photography and insects. The work strives to capture wholeness from multiples, circularity, the life cycle, and the pursuit of comfort within the relationship of the body to greater systems. The work ebbs and flows, embracing themes of repetition and multiples, circling, growth/decay, and membranes. This process examines mimicry of these conditions, as well as the interaction between them and the viewer.