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Petra Vargova

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I was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In my artistic education, I have approached art from a broad range of perspectives, as studio practice, theory, scholarly research, and profession. (I studied Conceptual Arts and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic and )
have a Master of Fine Art in Visual Art from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. As a Swedish Institute Scholar, I obtained a Master of Science in Art and Technology from Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. I also completed the Program for Artists' Professional Development at Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden.
My work has been displayed at many exhibitions worldwide and received several international awards. Two years ago, I permanently relocated to the United States and currently work as an independent visual artist and researcher in my studio in New York City.
In my installations, I create unique environments to evoke individual, intimate experiences. I expose my audience to the series of circumstances linked to a particular personal psychological and physical reminiscence of a place, event or feeling. The pieces strongly reflect my interest in and fascination with abstract materials and with natural forces such as air, light/color, temperature, and sound.
My most recent work, Urban Series is a group of installations and drawings that illustrate and document city life. Basic everyday situations, city
infrastructure, urban planning, public transport systems, air pollution and urban noises are underlying resources of these works.
Extensive research is an important component of preparing these pieces. To understand viewers' reactions to my work, I continuously investigate the mechanics and limits of human perception. Because I believe in power of simplicity my installations are minimalistic, elusive and often uneasy to capture. I do not limit myself to a specific media.