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Abderrahim El Asraoui

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I was born in Morocco in 1966 and I live in Montreal.
I’m an electromechanical engineer and member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec. I discovered painting and drawing from an early age. I use my scientific and academic education to the best of my creative side and I find my full development in collage of paper, waste, scrap and recycled materials in abstract art and semi-abstract art subjects. My work is based primarily on the use of waste and rubbish of all kinds and the use of collage processes to assemble trash, scrap and materials harmoniously by bringing our daily reality in art. Bonding requires a sharp focus to the environment, without exception, which brings me to collect tirelessly to rebuild and giving each collage a particular rhythm it’s for me an art of distance and irony. while adding my personal touch with unbridled pleasure and limitless
providing a colorful and masterful vision to my performances.
My colored buttons are roaring and special by juxtaposing pure colors, leaving the viewer's eye care to do work redial.
My movements are light and airy.
My paintings are stripped of unnecessary with an energy and violence that emerges from my work where the color is pushed to its maximum intensity. It includes seductive images evocation for their high color,
a veritable explosion of tone, depth and the illusion of space, natures romanticized.
My art is simple and based on instinct with pure colors, simplified forms,
of more or less abolished prospects and shadows almost deleted.

With these procedures, I discovered the principle of absolute freedom in art. I also practices Sculpture, oil and acrylic painting. I exhibited these paintings at the Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff in Montreal in 2011, 2013 and 2014. I also exhibited his paintings at the Auction House of Montreal.


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