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Gerardo Andrés Blumenkrantz

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Gerardo Blumenkrantz ventured to the US from Argentina right after high school, with a suitcase full of local folk tales and Jewish guilt. These, along with some New York humor he picked up along the way, shape his own stories and artwork today. He lives in Brooklyn with his family.

Gerardo was one of three artists chosen by Maurice Sendak for the 2012 Sendak Fellowship.

"My work is an excuse to explore all sorts of emotions through the deceptively light-handed lens of humor. I believe you stand a better chance of touching people if you first invite them to chuckle. Hopefully, by the time they're halfway into it, richer emotions of their own are activated while they find themselves at the point of no return.
I regard art as a conspiracy, and humor as the most luring of baits.”