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Traci Talasco

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Traci Talasco creates interactive installations that use architecture
as a social / political space addressing female identity, balance and
imbalance, and unnecessary struggles. Fragmented walls, floors,
and interior spaces are stripped of their intended function in
humorous and playful ways. Sometimes the work is activated subtly
by walking, touch, or smell. Other times the pieces pose physical
and emotional challenges such as balancing a floor or climbing an
obstacle. When multiple viewers are involved, the work often
imposes awkward social interactions between participants.

Talasco uses ordinary home construction materials and decorative
elements, such as plywood, wallpaper, carpeting, and furniture. As
part of her working process she makes models and drawings for
larger scale installations. She also uses writing as a springboard for
her ideas, or she starts with a material that she is attracted to and
works with its inherent associations.