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Parris Jaru

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When I first arrived in NYC as a child fresh from the country life in Jamaica, the hardest thing to adjust to was the noise of sirens and a constant activity of the people in my neighborhood.
I would spend a lot of time at home creating games, drawing and reading.
The first artistic job I had was at marvel comics in the late 80s doing photo tech, but the influence that stuck with me the most was being exposed to a great amount of Artist's from every background and color.
It seemed to me at the time a true Artist has no certain racial claim or identity, only the colors on canvas were important.
Years later I still remember the first lesson I learned of creation:
Every heart has a creative pulse and every living being has an idea in this world of creativity we share, some sacrifice much to create Art and some are forever eager to learn from the sacrificed Artist's.
For me, the more I give to the creation of Art, the more it has given me.
Painting has become my instrument of survival as well as my greatest love in this life.

Parris Jaru

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Posted:4 years ago