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Amanda l Lechner

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I am interested in depicting the moment when the corporeal and the spiritual/mental negotiate concession. Fusing memory, experience and imagination with visual story-lines stemming from art history, science fiction, folklore, and literature I compose plots and scenarios progressing from an initial idea or mark. Blending the aesthetics of science, politics, and the occult, I am engaged in creating visual narrative paradoxes. Drawing seems an appropriate method to enact this sequence as it is a malleable way to convey information. It allows me to be historically inaccurate, to meld themes of the documented with the absurd and scatagorical. Through amassment and installation my work invites the comparison and combination of different premises to create compound links based on groupings and the associations that they may incite. The context of each drawing?s plot-line may change based on the other work, words or objects it is grouped with, creating divergent narratives and hypotheses.