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Anna Robinson-Sweet

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I am a born-and-raised Brooklyn artist who draws inspiration from the rapidly changing built environment in my neighborhood and city.

My prints, paintings and installations examine how collective memory is recorded or lost in everyday life. By looking at what is preserved, destroyed, or memorialized in the landscape my work contrasts vernacular histories with the construction of official narratives. I approach the landscape as an archive, seeking to highlight personal and social memories that are often not represented by memorials, museums, monuments or even souvenirs.

A recent project "National Register of Historic Places, 2013 Additions, Brooklyn, NY" involved creating historical plaques for ten buildings no longer in existence. These plaques were installed on the former sites of the structures, forming a link between the vanished scenery and that currently visible. This project received widespread coverage in the media, including in Hyperallergic, Brokelyn and Time Out NY.