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Originally from Spain, I I first came to United States for a one-year exchange student program and stayed for twenty. I began my adult life as a scientist inspired by the possibility of making a difference by contributing to our understanding of the immune system, I earned my PhD in immunology and went on to do a post doc. However, two years later, making a life changing decision and from a desire to incorporate my love for the arts into a desire to be involved in social change, I switched paths, and moved to NYC where I earned an MFA from The New School for Drama. In NYC, I did a lot of theatre work, mostly with academy award nominated director Josh Fox (“Gasland”) and his International WOW Company.

Out of a desire to contribute to change, both in society and in the arts, I began to create and document characters that are not typically written as the center of stories.
I produced a web series, "Pelicans", documenting the creation of a piece of art, a painting by Brooklyn based artist Caroline Hill, from the preliminary gesso work to the final stroke.
I'm working on my first documentary feature, "Art and Money," which investigates the relationship between art, money and society.
I help run and document through film the Ligo Project: Art of Science, a 6-month artist-in-residence program that allows each artist the opportunity to interact with scientists, learn about research and, from these interactions, create a piece of science-inspired art.
I'm a founding member and president of Lazy Baobab, a film production company that put out its first short film, "A Wedding Day", in 2013, which screened at the Sarasota International Film Festival and Brooklyn Arts Council Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award.
Lazy Baobab celebrates what makes each of us unique, believing diversity makes the world richer. We want to tell stories that move the world forward, and make us more accepting of others, each other, and ourselves. We want to work internationally. We encourage the participation of women in film; as actors, directors, writers, crew members, editors. We want to make shorts and feature films and documentary series.
Based on real people, I've written my first narrative feature screenplay, "Again, the night", which follows one day in the life of five immigrants in Brooklyn. It will be Lazy Baobab's first feature project, set to go into production this summer.