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Roberto Williams

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As a 1985 graduate of the LaGuardia High School of the Arts and a film major at New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, Roberto Williams has spent more than 25 years writing, directing, singing, and acting, in countless stage productions throughout New York City. He has enjoyed several careers in the arts, and now brings his passion for entertainment to his many performing arts students.

In 2005, after ending a 10-year career in Federal Law-Enforcement, Mr. Williams decided to pass on his knowledge and experience of drama, and vocal music to future generations of emerging artists. As a NYC Department of Education registered vendor and Teaching Artist, he founded LION’S ROAR ENTERTAINMENT, and entered into the challenging and rewarding field of Arts Education. Bringing excitement and energy to his performing arts programs, Mr. Williams introduced countless students to the artistic potential hidden within them, instilling a sense of pride through their artistic accomplishments.

However, the passing years and the close observations of the management of various school administrations revealed to Mr. Williams a flawed educational system that was not focused upon personal growth, individual learning, or the development of excellence. Rather, it was a system that insisted upon conformity, focus on overall test scores, and an atmosphere of “assembly-line” student advancement with virtually no real world academic or artistic preparation for the students. Frustrated educators and unfulfilled graduating high school students became the norm, a problem that appeared to be exponentially worse in the inner city public schools.

In the wake of yearly public school budget cuts to Arts-in-Education programs nationwide, Roberto Williams and Arts educators everywhere watched in dismay as one of the greatest tools for the inspiration of young people to complete their educations steadily shrank. Talented students everywhere began graduated from high school with a sense of unfulfilled ambitions. Desperate to provide one small solution to this problem for his own students, Roberto Williams conceived the extracurricular theatrical production of FATHERS OF THE DARK KNIGHT!