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Kamil K Nawratil

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Kamil Nawratil is a Polish-born visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Driven by motion and the unpredictable, chaos and equilibrium, between the organic and artificial, the tangible and abstract, his inspiration is manifested through digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations. His work examines the struggle, breakdown and eventual evolution of systems and explores relationships within visual, tactile, motion, and sound perception. Whether depicting nature in an extraordinary form, creating interactive, entropic projections or mapping peculiar architectural installations, his design process is united around the tension between nature, humans and technology. Nawratil has found a space to explore that tension by visualizing dichotomies, juxtaposing or merging technologies and bridging interdisciplinary fields including, science, architecture and graffiti in his work.

Born and raised in Gliwice, Poland, Kamil was fascinated by art and the graffiti culture. In 2010, after completing a BFA in Graphic Design in Washington DC, he moved to New York City where he shortly worked in the graphic design industry. Leaving the industry to seek personal growth, he attended the MFA Computer Artprogram at the School of Visual Arts, at which time he also co-founded Volvox Labs; a new-media and projection design studio. He now balances his time between work, collaborations, experimentations, and commissions. His work has been exhibited at the SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX; TEDx, Brooklyn; Kinetica Fair, London; Counter Point Festival, Atlanta, GA; Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, MI; Artomatic, Washington D.C; Camp Bisco, Mariaville, NY; Lights All Night, Dallas, TX; Lumen, Staten Island; and Digital Dreams Festival, Toronto.