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Ryan Spence

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I am a visual artist, designer, and illustrator with many styles who has worked for various professional clients and participated in many group-shows in the Southern California region. Born in Kingston and raised in Southern California in a traditional Jamaican household, my creativity quickly began to manifest once he realized that the life was more than: Eat – Work – Sleep – Repeat. From a young age, I realized that I was thoroughly enamored with visual art. I soon developed his 'visual vocabulary' and decided to express my ideas within many sketchbooks he's accumulated over the years. My inspiration comes from immediate surroundings and upbringing. They vary from environmental issues, eavesdropping conversations at coffee-shops, music, nature, sarcasm, relationships, history, & social justice. I believe that equality, harmony and world peace will first happen when we attain it on a personal level in our relationships and my art aims to express this sentiment. Through illustration and writing, I care to bring forth a message aimed at questioning all matters of authority, health, and equality.