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Trevor Wilson

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My name is Trevor Wilson, and I am a musician currently living in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, USA. I was born in 1986 and grew up in Rehoboth Massachusetts. I began my relationship with music as very young boy at the piano, began songwriting and recording in middle school, have released hundreds of songs, played in a dozen bands, led quite a few of them, have been on tours big and small, and always try to find new challenges.

I graduated from Bennington College in 2009, having studied music and composition primarily with Tom Bogdan, Nick Brooke, Kitty Brazelton, and Allen Shawn. There was in those years an unusually vibrant community of folk/rock/experimental musicians, which included (to name a few), Alex Bleeker (of Real Estate), the members of Mountain Man, Tavo Carbone (Horse’s Mouth), JJ Beck, the members of BOBBY, Malcolm Perkins (Ice Water), Katherine Perkins, Dana & Faith, Andrew Barton (Advrb), Russ Melia (Pegasissy), Nate Luce (Flower Orgy), Will Stratton, Jackson Emmer, Sam Moss, and my fellow collaborators in Anawan, which include Michael Chinworth, Maia Friedman, Alice Tolan-Mee, and Ethan Woods.

I fled to New York City in pursuit of a job in 2010; after doing this-and-that, I most notably spent a few years assisting Meredith Monk, who is an inspiration and mentor to this day. Anawan, my main musical project, began in 2011 as Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble, and released two albums before switching to its current name and lineup. In these years in the city I have been asked to be a guest musician both in live shows and in the studio, and have enjoyed the kinds of collaboration that can only come in the cauldron of expression and existential angst that is life in Brooklyn (for now).