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Minako Yoshino

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Minako Yoshino is a New York City based fine artist working in marble sculpture, oil painting, and public art in both traditional and contemporary styles. Yoshino's art conveys a sense of complete and simple acceptance of our connectedness and identification with all things in the universe.

Born in Toyama, Japan, Yoshino studied oil painting and graphic design at Musashino Art University in Tokyo before relocating to New York City to study marble carving at the Art Students League of New York. Her cultivated sense of color and careful carving ability have brought her crossover fame as one of the most talented restorers of landmark building sculptures in New York, as featured in the New York Times for the Manhattan's historic Hearst Tower restoration. Yoshino has received many endorsements and awards, including that of the National Sculpture Society and the United Nations.

In 2008 Yoshino won the Edward G McDowell Europe Grant for the marble statue series “For Earth”, enabling her to study in Florence, Italy in 2009. In 2012, she finished the marble statue series “For Japan” based on the 3/11/2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis in Fukushima. In 2013, to honor the 2nd anniversary of 3/11/2011, she had solo exhibition “INORI – pray for Japan” at the consulate general of Japan in New York. In 2014, Yoshino’s 11 feet monument “Lovers” went on exhibition at the Riverside Park South, Manhattan, NYC. Currently, Yoshino is carving “Sleeping Mermaid” in 15 tons (30,000 lbs) bluestone which would be the first bluestone sculpture in the world. It will be installed at the new Edgewater Harbor Park, NJ in 2015.

In a letter of recommendation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City stated, "All of her artwork demonstrates a remarkable combination of originality merged with a highly refined and sophisticated technical skill."